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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 review

Featuring the best special-effects and performances of the series, the final Harry Potter film really does have the sense of occasion that befits such a movie. The 3D is well executed, giving the battle sequences a suitably epic feel, and the direction rarely misses a beat. The boy (wizard) done good.

The hype…The eighth film in the ever-popular Harry Potter series, the conclusion of the two-part finale is the first to be delivered in 3D. It gives fans the chance to wave goodbye to characters that we have all seen grow up on screen, and also hide the tears behind darkened spectacles. However, there are a lot of loose ends to tie up and the danger is that those not familiar with the previous films will be left behind. 

The breakdown…The unsung hero of this franchise is director David Yates. The juvenile outings by Christopher Columbus got things off to a rocky start and the Mike Newell film (the one with R-Patz) is considered by many as a missed opportunity. Of course there was the series highlight sandwiched in between, but although ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’ director Alfonso Cuarón made a great film, it didn’t really feel like a ‘Potter’. Yates, however, fully understands the material. And whatever your take on his style, there is no denying that it feels as honest to the source material as anything we’ve seen. There are also moments of terrific cinematic spectacle. The huge battle at Hogwarts is the best sequence of its kind since the second ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie. It manages to convey a very real sense of danger, which is hard to do in a film so full of magic and mysticism. The ongoing mantra for this series is still in place: “Best performances from the kids to date”. Although they really aren’t kids any more. The younger members of the cast have proven, over time, to be up to the task, but it’s the added gravitas of the veterans that keeps you watching. There is a superb moment early on when Bellatrix Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) is acting as if she is Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), perfectly capturing all her peculiarities.The relationship between Harry, Hermione and Ron is as enthralling as ever but we’re still not sure if the on-screen chemistry between them is as electrifying as it is in the books. The convenience of the romantic sub-plots can grate at times, and it’s one of those elements that require several films to have the impact it yearns to deliver.Elsewhere the finale checklist is ticked off in a far more accomplished manner. We see several familiar faces from earlier movies return and, most impressively, one of the best-loved characters is given a complete resolution as Alan Rickman’s dour Snape has a brilliantly executed story arc. The violence is upped from the previous films, with a couple of genuinely shocking deaths that help the final scene feel as grand as it should. It’s a fitting conclusion, and one that will have audiences weeping. 

The verdict…A sharply directed final chapter that manages to do so much in a relatively short space of time, even the weary will find it hard not to be moved as the epic story draws to a conclusion. As a complete saga Harry Potter is tough to beat, and one that will deservedly define a generation. 

Oh my god I actually can’t wait.

Oh my god I’m reading the Rocksound reviews for Download yesterday and it is making my physically angry.

"Stranded on the lonely Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage, BLITZ KIDS struggled to make much of an impression on a large but overwhelmingly lethargic crowd forced into the tent by the inclement weather. As slick, tight and lively as they were, their decision to plough an increasingly melodic furrow unfortunately highlighted the fact that they were packing very few stand-out tunes. Engaging front-man Joe James might have been careening about the place with maximum enthusiasm, trailing that piece of dead badger which seems permanently attached to his arse, but this did little to elicit more than a polite murmur from anyone beyond the gaggle of excitable teens on the barrier. Hmm."

Fuck you Rocksound. I was there. The weather was beautiful so fuck knows why people would be forced into the tent to escape it. Who gives a shit what the lead singer was wearing? You should be commenting on the standard of the music you twat. And the whole crowd was dancing. EVERYONE loved it, they were dancing, singing along to what they knew/could pick up and jumping about. The crowd loved it so fuck knows where you were because it wasn’t the same gig as me.

"AVENGED SEVENFOLD marked their return with fire, brimstone and a whole catalogue full of guitar solo extravagance, but it was all just a bit underwhelming, really. Sure, the hits were there and to M. Shadows credit his voice sounded positively gigantic, but their set felt like it was very much a case of a band churning through the motions. Ultimately there was no sense of theatre or entertainment and it just lacked that extra something to make it feel like A7X were worthy of their billing. Disappointing.”

OKAY WHAT THE FUCK. Underwhelming?!!! No sense of theatre or entertainment?!! WERE YOU EVEN THERE? They were absolutely breathtaking. The crowd was going insane for them, even people who clearly didn’t know them were pushing and omg I have never seen a mosh pit take up the entire crowd at a festival before in my life. Lacked an extra something? What so the perfect setlist, the pyrotechnics, the fireworks, the smoke, and the amazing quality sound weren’t good enough for you Rocksound? Well sorry then because if you thought it lacked something you’re clearly blind and deaf. Fuck you Rocksound.

"Saturday night at the main stage saw SYSTEM OF A DOWN return; reunited and ready rock. If any band this weekend has run the risk of being described as ‘CD perfect’, it is SOAD which works as much as a negative criticism as it does a positive. Sonically brilliant (and we meanbrilliant), the likes of ‘Prison Song’, ‘BYOB’ and the inevitable ‘Chop Suey’ were suitably raucous and demanded a rapturous crowd response, but as far a live experience goes, there is little to be said. It was an awkward performance to watch, with next to no interaction between crowd and band and even less between band member and band member, while Serj Tankian appeared a far cry from the enigmatic frontman many will remember from their glory days. Overall, it was a business-like approach to a headline slot from System Of A Down.”

SOAD were possibly the best live act I have ever seen. And that was at a festival. An awkward performance? A business-like approach? It was mind-blowingly good. I was speechless. I’m not even going to comment anymore on this because I am so pissed off.

My respect for Rocksound has gone down so much.

"It’s no secret that some characters don’t make it to the closing credits of the film, but some of these have been so poorly introduced that you can’t feel anything but apathy for their demise. Also the one character we had grown to know is swiftly dealt with off-screen and given an unceremonious exit, when in the book he was given a noble death."



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